Season 6 Episode 26- "Scream Queen" Laura Meadows! "The Butcher" and "Grim Weaver"


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Our guest tonight is actress, or "Scream Queen" Laura Meadows! Laura happens to be the second red-haired actress from St. Louis who has won beauty pageants that I know- I'll let you figure out the other one..(HINT- FREEBIRD!!)
I had a wonderful time with Laura, she has lots of great news about new projects in the works, and we discussed some of her films that are currently on Amazon; "The Butcher" and "Grim Weaver", a few of her favorites from the past in which she has portrayed Queen Elizabeth and Queen Margaret, and some of her favorite television shows she has appeared in.
She also told me some interesting family stories; she has traced her ancestry all the way back to the 1600's when they first arrived in this country, and some wonderful recent accomplishments in her immediate family! She also tells us about her beauty pageants and her time working in the fashion industry! She's done lots of interesting things in her career and I am sure you will enjoy this episode.
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