Season 7 Episode 37- Remembering "D.C. Star" with David Simmons and Glenn Jones


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In this episode we remember the legendary "D.C. Star" Guitarist David Simmons and Drummer Glenn Jones stopped by to share the history of the band, from it's beginnings in Southern Maryland to playing all over! David and Glenn reminisced about playing in such clubs as "Leonardstown Wharf", "Crazy Horse", "The Bayou", "Hammerjacks", Hammer Head's", "Junior's Inn", "Coast to Coast", "The Seagull Inn", "The Paragon", "Maxwell's", and "The Network"; performing with acts such as "Journey", "The Ramones", "Blue Oyster Cult", "Twisted Sister", "Judas Priest", and "Zebra", and other great stories, such as giving the owner of Venneman's Music a Kazoo concert on Christmas; having to alter their first album cover because of a last minute name change; and adventures with snowstorms and their band truck! (back in those days, didn't we all spend just as much time under the hood of our band trucks as we did at rehearsal or playing?)
More information on D.C. Star's music can be found on these websites:
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