Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - NFL Players Pushing Back on COVID Vaccine Protocols + FOX Sports college football analyst RJ Young


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On today’s episode, Jason kicks things off with a quick thought on the NFL’s new COVID-19 vaccination protocols. The NFL isn’t mandating that every player get vaccinated, but the protocols are written in such a way that it would behoove you to do so. If guys like DeAndre Hopkins would rather retire altogether than get the jab, then that’s their prerogative. Nobody can force you to do anything that you’re not comfortable doing. As is the case with any controversial decision, though, let’s just hope that he’s willing to live with the consequences. Later, FOX Sports college football analyst RJ Young swings by to explain why Oklahoma and Texas' proposed moved to the SEC doesn't make sense and is premature to even consider at this point, the role Texas A&M might play in this whole saga, why Oklahoma and Texas changing conferences might actually hurt them in the College Football Playoff picture, if Spencer Rattler or Baker Mayfield was the better NFL prospect coming out of college, why Texas should be viewed as developmental football program at this point in time, if Name Image and Likeness could lead to jealous and infighting within college sports programs, and much more!

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