Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre - James Harden Jersey Retirement, the Real NBA MVP & Steph Curry's Place in History


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On today's episode, Jason shares his thoughts on the Houston Rockets' decision to retire James Harden's jersey so quickly after he forced his way out of town and left the franchise in ruins in the process. Say what you want about Harden's exit but the ends justified the means as Harden is now on the best team in the Eastern Conference. Moreover, anybody who says that Harden's messy divorce from the Rockets should eliminate him from MVP consideration is asinine. Harden's 8-game stretch in Houston should matter just as much as LeBron James' ugly 4 game stretch without Anthony Davis last week - not at all. Let's just hope the notoriously fickle NBA media who votes on these awards feels the same way Later, Producer Rob G joins the show to explain why he has a big problem with Houston's decision to hang the Harden jersey in the rafters, and uses a term to describe the act that only a fan of Shakespeare can appreciate. Could you argue that the jersey retirement announcement actually says more about the Rockets organization than it does about Harden? Finally, the guys close the show with a fiery debate about Steph Curry's true standing amongst the greatest point guards in NBA history. Has this season proven that he should be mentioned alongside guys like Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook rather than Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas? You'll definitely want to stick around for this one!

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