Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre - The Brooklyn Nets Can't Trust Kyrie Irving


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On today's episode, Jason kicks things by sharing his thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers shocking blowout victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night. One of the bigger storylines to come out of the game, outside of the Nets losing to a shorthanded Lakers club, was that both Kyrie Irving and Dennis Schroder both got ejected in the third quarter for barking at one another. On Sunday evening, we found out that Kyrie was set off when Schroder called him the n-word, after he went off on a social media rant about it. While this specific incident seems relatively mild given that the word wasn't said maliciously, apparently it was enough for Kyrie to take another sabbatical away from the team for 'personal reasons'. Kyrie is one of the most skilled players in the NBA, but his behavior and commentary the past year is puzzling. At this point, would you be surprised if he were to retire at the end of the season? Even worse, would you be surprised if he just didn't show up to a playoff game for 'personal reasons'? He's had almost everything an NBA player could ask for (a championship, All-Star appearances, a stacked Brooklyn Nets roster, generational wealth, etc.), and you'd have no idea based on his behavior the last two seasons. Kyrie's mental and emotional well-being should be the biggest subplot in the NBA Playoffs - and it could be ultimately what keeps them from winning the NBA championship.

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