FPL GW26 - Silly Willy & Languishing Lord Lundstrum


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The first double gameweek is behind us and we tackle GW25 with only red mist seething from our eyes.

Sergio takes us by surprise, Mick stays calm & shuffles like a Merseyside crab while the FPL community by large is in MELTDOWN.

We update our leagues, pledge our undying faith to Henderson and dabble in some Bobby Purple Patch madness.

Mane is by no means guaranteed to start versus a horrible Norwich team but Joff trusts Klopp & Liverpool will be pushing to punish the Canaries.

Third Vs Fourth in the league ends a dead heat - we deep dive into our take aways from this match, with Barnes, Mount, Rudiger & Vardy all going under the microscope.

Lord Lunstrums reign of terror seems to be coming to an end - we look at replacements.

We will be back with our GW27 Podcast next week.

Good luck in Gameweek 26 Hitter's.

Always Remember to Stay Positive,
Keep chasing them green arrows.

Thank you for listening.

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