The 4 Pillars


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In this introductory Episode, Franciscan Dave lays the foundation for his teaching ministry. He evaluates information by four pillars.
1. Truth is objective in nature
2. Jesus is divine, the Son of God, and the 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity
3. Scripture is the inspired word of God.
4. Jesus founded a Church with Authority
David Seitz, OFS, is a professed member of the Secular Franciscan Order in the Catholic Church. He has served the order as a Regional minister, and as a member of the National Justice and Peace Commission. David wishes to be like St. Francis of Assisi, a "Herald of the Great King, Jesus." Continuing the call to St. Francis to Rebuild the Church with the "Living Stones", he presents retreats, parish missions and keynote talks focused on leading souls to a deeper relationship with God in the Blessed Trinity.
David studied Sacred Scripture in the MA Theology program of Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, and earned a certification in the New Evangelization, also from Sacred Heart.
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