Why do bankers need a coach? An interview with Frederick Kermisch


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We all know about people who take a personal coach when they want to a career change or a sports coach. But when it comes to bankers, well I was surprised. For me, bankers aren't the first group of people that comes into my mind that needs a coach.
Bankers are managing the money of individuals; bankers never showcase they are wrong; bankers look like they know their business. That's what we hope as we trust our money with them.
and I became curious. Finally, we found the time to ask him some serious questions, to understand the world of Bankers and why they need a coach.
Let's see you if our money is safe or if the bankers are ticking timebombs.
You will hear stories, and answer to the following questions

  • When I think of bankers, and trust my money with them, I hope they know their job and keep privacy high. How does that work when they work with a coach? Do you get some crazy secret insights?

  • With your experience, how do we have to see bankers? Like employees or like entrepreneurs or ordinary salespeople?

  • What made you go into coaching for bankers, such a niche market?

  • In the banking world, there are more regulations than, for example, in eCommerce. Can bankers be creative in their sales process, can bankers personalize the connection with their clients? Or is this one of the issues Bankers have and you can guide them?

  • *Can you share a story, without revealing the name of the banker, of an issue they had, but with coaching, they solved it?

  • How do bankers define success? And does that differ from your view on success?

  • I assume you have clients worldwide? How do you market yourself? How do you make sure, bankers in the other part of the world know you exist and can use your services.

  • A direct question, if does bankers don't know how to handle their job, and need a coach to improve their performance, can we trust our money with them?

  • * What books do you recommend people to read to improve themselves?

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