17. Sara Kayyali of Human Rights Watch on prisons in Syria, Activist Hamid Khan on #DefundLAPD


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Sharing the 17th edition of Free City Radio podcast ! This episode includes an interview with Sara Kayyali of Human Rights Watch on prisons in Syria. Sara details the realities of prisons today in Syria, the systemic human rights abuses and lack of due process for prisoners, both within state run prisons, but also the injustices that people have faced while being detained by non-state groups and actors. You can follow Sara's work here : https://www.hrw.org/about/people/sara-kayyali Also longtime community activist Hamid Khan speaks about the #DefundLAPD movement within a broader context of the histories of police forces as a tool for systemically racist practices of police forces working to displace working class and racialized communities within LA and beyond. Hamid locates the current work taking place to challenge massive police budgets within longtime community movements that have challenged the fundamental legitimacy of police forces as tools of colonialist violence in the Americas, from defending the expansion of settlements onto Indigenous lands, to protecting systems of slavery. Info on the coalition that Hamid works with here : https://stoplapdspying.org Music on this episode by @thenarcicyst and selections from a mix İSTANBUL EKSPRES by @thenewobjective for @acloserlisten. Free City Radio is produced by Stefan @spirodon Christoff and also broadcasts every Wednesday on @radiockut at 90.3fm in Montreal.

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