Surrender, Exploring, and Life with Branden Collinsworth


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In 2002 Branden Collinsworth was broke, homeless and a high school dropout. It was then he made a powerful decision to change his life and go boldly after his dreams. Collinsworth is now an international elite performance coach and works exclusively with several of the most impactful people in sports, music, and business. Branden has been endorsed and worked with brand giants, SUMMIT, Lululemon, Redbull, Dr.Oz, MTV and is currently a Master Trainer for Nike. In 2011 he created Real Results Fitness an award-winning chain of high-performance gyms in Las Vegas. In 2015 Real Results Fitness won the Mind-Body Bold Business of the Year award over 45,000 gyms/yoga studios worldwide. Starting in 2015, Collinsworth has become fiercely passionate about yoga and fusing it into the sports performance space. Since he has studied under several Yoga masters including Dharma Mitra and Mark Whitwell. In 2018 he was chosen by the Indian government as a representative of the United States, to spend 10 days in Kerala India, studying and learning about yoga and its origins. Inspired by his travels, in fall 2016 he launched Warrior Retreats: An 8-day immersive retreat experience in the heart of Peru that is designed to help people step into their greatness. Collinsworth is also fiercely passionate about humanitarian work. In 2008 Collinsworth founded The Jump for Joy Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping kids lead healthier lives. He also works as the global director for The Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease Association, a humanitarian nonprofit based in Peru that is dedicated to helping minority students get into medical school. Branden holds a master’s degree in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and is committed to creating a new global standard for health and wellness built on the fundamentals of mental, spiritual, and physical unity.

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