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Marriage and divorce rates are on the decline. US birth rates have been plummeting well below replacement level for years now. Self-identifying Christians increasingly choose to cohabitate and believe "casual sex" is acceptable.
With our culture telling us, especially women, that we need to pursue selfish independence and worldly success at all costs (including at the cost of delaying or avoiding both marriage and children), I ask Peter Kapsner, "How does God want us to view marriage, sex and children?"
Plus, should we still hold a grudge against the Houston Astros??
I also give you my heart for Freedom Families toward the end of this episode!
Dr. Peter Kapsner is someone I have admired through the radio waves for years. This is probably the most fun I have had in a conversation yet! Peter often appears as a guest or even a guest host for radio programs on Faith Radio 900/90.7 in the Twin Cities. Faith Radio is a Biblically faithful radio station with a variety of programs, both live and recorded, addressing the difficult theological and faith questions of life, as well as the headlines of the day. He is regularly in pulpits around the Minneapolis area. Peter has been married to his wife, Hallie, for 20+ years, has five kids, lives in the western suburbs of Minneapolis and LOVES golf and travel.
With a Ph.D. in Practical Theology, Dr. Peter Kapsner brings his life experience to the classroom and radio waves as he explores the current issues facing young people today. His areas of specialty include New Testament, human sexuality, ethics, church history, engagement with culture, ministry leadership, and spiritual formation.
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