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Today on the show, we welcome Rebecca Lindenbach. She, her mother and a biostatistician were able to gather extensive (and very personal) data regarding sex from 20,000 women last year. Tune in to hear what they found. In Rebecca's words, the research they've compiled and analyzed is "groundbreaking, inspiring and conversation-changing". Earlier this year, they published what they found, plus many stories and a call to action, in a book called, The Great Sex Rescue. And now they're moving on to men! This particular episode and the book are a must-read/watch for both men and women!
The Great Sex Rescue is based on 4 different types of research:
-in-depth survey of 20,000 women
-Follow-up intensive interviews and focus groups
-A look at peer-reviewed research in the field
-A review of top evangelical best-selling books on marriage & sex to see what messages they give
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