081: Marketing vs Branding


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There is an age-old debate on which is more important marketing or branding. Those which a marketing background tend to have a bias toward marketing versus designers who tend to have a bias toward branding.

The truth is everything comes down to how you define marketing and how you define branding. These two are not in competition with one another but are compliments. There is no way you can implement marketing without branding, and a brand can only grow if it utilizes marketing in the right way.

So what does this mean? Marketing is the tactics and strategy used to gain people's attention, while branding is about creating consistent experiences to build trust in your customer's/client's mind.

Once you are clear on the definition of both marketing and branding than how each impacts your business becomes all the more clear.

Donald Miller on branding - https://youtu.be/oxvlGfw85cM

Chris Do, Melinda Livsey and Fabian Geyrhalter discuss branding on TheFutur: - https://youtu.be/yK7Rk7Oe588

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