Giving Client Refund. What Wrong Wrong? [Traffic Talk]


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A videographer agreed to create a video for a client. After viewing the first draft the client wanted to completely start over even though the client signed off on the storyboard. Rather than start from scratch the freelancer refunded the client and wants to know how to prevent this in the future.


Giving a client a refund, did I do something wrong?


I charged a client $1500 for a full day of shooting (4k) and editing, in addition to 3-4 hours of marketing work. He gave me a 50% deposit ($750) before I started any work. When I sent him the rough cut, he wasn't happy and was expecting something else. Something more "grand" as he put it for the amount of money he's spending.

He even went on to send me another video (which was a completely diff style) he made for only $200, which I thought was a bad move, but whatever. How can I clear up this kind of misunderstand next time? I gave him a storyboard, he's seen some of my work, I explained to him what it would be like, but then I have to deal with this.

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