Freight Train Boogie Show #460


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Show #460

Ed Dupas - The Lonesome Side Of Town (The Lonesome Side Of Town)

Michaela Anne - Child Of The Wind (Desert Dove)

Brew Davis - Another Scarecrow Learning How to Fly (Another Scarecrow Learning How to Fly)

John Surge and the Haymakers - Your Wonderful Life (Your Wonderful Life)

(mic break)

Leslie Stevens - Falling (Sinner)

Dalton Domino - Happy Alone (Songs from the Exile)

Nick Nace - Fly In A Bottle (Wrestling with the Mystery)

Alexa Rose - Fine Tooth Comb (Medicine For Living)

Geraint Watkins - Reason To Live (Rush of Blood) (mic break)

Triggers & Slips - Glass Window View (The Stranger)

Grant Dermody - Great Change (My Dony)

New Copasetics - The Trouble With The Truth (Twang-Ucopia)

EmiSunshine and The Rain - There's Got To Be More (Family Wars)

Elijah Ocean - Back to the Lander (Back to the Lander)

(mic break)

Hal Ketchum - Long Day Comin’ (Past The Point Of Rescue)

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