Freight Train Boogie Show #461


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Show #461

Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band - Abandonitis (Just Like Moby Dick)

Bart Budwig - Human Again (Another Burn on the Astroturf) Yarn - What For? (Lucky 13, Vol. 2)

Chad Kostner - Highway 63 (Highway 63)

(mic break)

The Haden Triplets - Ozark Moon (The Family Songbook)

Ben Winship - Turtle Dove (Acorns)

Jamestown Revival - This Too Shall Pass (San Isabel)

Della Mae - Headlight (Headlight)

Terry Allen - American Childhood III: Little Puppet Thing (Just Like Moby Dick)

(mic break)

The Wood Brothers - Little Bit Sweet (Kingdom in My Mind)

Left Arm Tan - Pawn Shop Heart (Left Arm Tan)

Elaina Kay - Widows Watch (Issues)

Will Payne Harrison - I'm over Thinking About You (Living With Ghosts)

David Olney - Death Will Not Divide Us (This Side Or The Other)

(mic break)

Terry Allen - Sailin' On Through (Just Like Moby Dick)

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