Freight Train Boogie Show #465


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Show #465

Lilly Hiatt - Walking Proof (Walking Proof)

Mark Erelli - Her Town Now (Blindsided)

The Contenders - Call Me The Lucky One (Laughing with the Reckless)

Dave Simonett - Silhouette (Red Tail)

(mic break)

Mike Mattison - Charlie Idaho (Afterglow)

William Prince - Wasted (Reliever)

Esther Rose - Always Changing (You Made It This Far)

Mark Erelli - A Little Kindness (Blindsided)

Lilly Hiatt - Never Play Guitar (Walking Proof)

(mic break)

Cindy Cashdollar - Ring Them Bells (Waltz for Abilene)

Danny Barnes - Enemy Factory (Man on Fire)

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - But I'll Never Forget the Way You Make Me Feel (Dragons)

Swamp Dogg - Memories (with John Prine) (Sorry You Couldn't Make It)

(mic break)

Lilly Hiatt - Candy Lunch (Walking Proof)

Mark Erelli - Blindsided (Blindsided)

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