Freight Train Boogie Show #466


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Thomm Jutz - I Long To Hear Them Testify (To Live in Two Worlds, Vol. 1 )

Eliza Gilkyson - Sooner Or Later (2020)

Cody Jinks - Same Kind Of Crazy As Me (The Wanting)

Western Centuries - Lifeblood Sold (Call The Captain)

(mic break)

Grant Peeples - Slow Dancer (Bad Wife)

The Nields - The Kids Always Get It (November)

Ernie Hendrickson - Do It For Love (Roll On)

Eliza Gilkyson - Peace In Our Hearts (2020)

Thomm Jutz - Yesterday And Tomorrow (To Live in Two Worlds, Vol. 1)

(mic break)

Christopher Paul Stelling - Have To Do For Now (Best Of Luck)

The Flyin' A's - What's Wrong With You For Loving Me (No Holds Barred)

Sam Doores - Other Side of Town (feat. Alynda Segarra) (Sam Doores)

(mic break)

Thomm Jutz - What'll They Think Up Last (To Live in Two Worlds, Vol. 1)

John Prine - He Was In Heaven Before He Died (Common Sense)

Eliza Gilkyson - One More Day (2020)

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