Freight Train Boogie Show #486


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Show #486

Rodney Crowell - She's Back In Town (Songs From Quarantine) Leeann Athertron - Cheater's Game (Fallen Angel)Eric Brace & Last Train Home - Sleepy Eyes (Daytime Highs and Overnight Lows) JP Harris - Take off Your Tin Foil Hat (single) (mic break) Krista Shows - Prone To Wander (Prone to Wander)Sensational Country Blues Wonders - I'm Afraid Of Every Goddamn Thing (World Will Break Your Heart) Jesse Daniel - If You Ain't Happy Now (You Never Will Be) (Rollin' On) Saugeye - One Leg At A Time (Saugeye) John Hiatt - Goin' Back To Nashville (Songs From Quarantine) (mic break) Beth Lee - Four Letter Name (Waiting on You Tonight) Jeff Plankenhorn - Murder of Crows (single) The Danberrys - The Mountain (feat. Darrell Scott) (Shine) Lucky 757 - Common Ground (single) Mac Leaphart - That Train (Music City Joke) (mic break) Ry Cooder - Baby Started Wearing Her Mask (Songs From Quarantine)

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