Freight Train Boogie Show #488


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Show #388

Domenic Cicala - I Want Out (Come On Over)

Sara Petite - Feeling Like An Angel (Rare Bird)

Western Terrestrials - Space Cowboy's Got The Blues (Back in the Saddle of a Fever Dream)

Anthony Presti - Fight the Good Fight (Different Places)

(mic break)

Olivia Ellen Lloyd- Loose Cannon (Loose Cannon)

Adeem the Artist - I Wish You Would've Been A Cowboy (Cast Iron Pansexual)

Jackson Emmer - I Don't Want This (Job Interview Song) (Alpine Coda)

Elizabeth Cook - Stanley by God Terry (Aftermath)

Jim Keller - Easy Rider (By No Means)

(mic break)

David Huckfelt - Better To See The Face (Room Enough, Time Enough)

Charley Crockett - Midnight Run (10 for Slim: Charley Crockett Sings James Hand)

Bottle Rockets - Knotty Pine (Bit Logic)

Rachel Brooke - Great Mistake (The Loneliness in Me)

Jason Ringenberg - Before Love and War (Rhinestoned)

(mic break)

Gene Taylor Blues Band with Dave Alvin - Drunk (Those Lonely, Lonely Nights)

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