Freight Train Boogie Show #491


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Show #491

Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay - They Tore the Cabin Down (April in Your Eyes - A Tribute to the Songs of John Lilly)

The Brother Brothers - On The Road Again (Calla Lily)

The Mastersons - In The Name Of God (Red, White & I Love You Too)

The Pink Stones - Let's Sit Down (Introducing...The Pink Stones)

(mic break)

Jamie Lin Wilson - T Total Tommy (single)

Mando Saenz - Cautionary Tale (All My Shame)

Rusty Young - Listen To Your Heart (Listen To Your Heart)

Garrison Starr - The Train That's Bound for Glory (Girl I Used to Be)

Bill Kirchen - Tore Up From The Floor Up (April in Your Eyes - A Tribute to the Songs of John Lilly)

(mic break)

Eli West - Tapered Point of Stone (Tapered Point of Stone)

Sunny War - A Love So True (Simple Syrup)

Chicago Farmer - Dirtiest Uniforms (Flyover Country)

Jay Gonzalez - You Make It Hard (To Be Unhappy) (Back to the Hive)

Parker Millsap - The Real Thing (Be Here Instead)

(mic break)

John Lilly - These Songs (April in Your Eyes)

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