Is AB5 armageddon for 70,000+ independent truckers? EP460 WHAT THE TRUCK?!?


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On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about the SCOTUS decision on AB5. With only six days until enforcement goes into effect how will 70,000+ independent California truckers be impacted? What does it mean for the ports and has “Gasoline been poured on the fire that is our ongoing supply chain crisis” as the California Trucking Association said?

Speaking of sinking ships, what is the escape procedure on a cargo vessel? We’ll hear all about it from gCaptain CEO John Konrad V.

Aaron Smith was released from Federal prison after nine years and five months in February 2019. By that December, Aaron launched the Escaping the Odds podcast to build his social capital and tell amazing stories of redemption through business. Now, he is now providing careers for other formerly incarcerated people through his latest venture, U Turn Transport, which helps the formerly incarcerated get jobs in trucking.

The freight video game championship has a winner and it is ArdentX. We’ll learn their keys to victory and why your office should consider getting involved.

Plus, a look at the new Transformers movie; a new trucking song from The Dude and Brewer; should truck stops have e-scooters; and more.

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