Is now a good time to get a job in freight? EP458 WHAT THE TRUCK?!?


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On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about the job market in freight. With the economy flipping upside down and more and more reports of layoffs rolling in, is now the right time to get a job in freight? If so, where should you be looking? We’ll look at the prospects for drivers, brokers and FreightTechers.

Plus, tips and tricks on how to save on wheel ends.

In news, U.S. companies move to break China’s dominance of the rare earth industry; a trucker is fined $5,000 for reuniting an Albanian family; police are looking for a man who knelt in front of a semi; killer alligators; and more.

With special guests Abby Hafenbredl, vice president of sales at Sage Freight; Bob Bortner, mid-Atlantic territory manager at IMI Products; Graham Gonzales, director of strategic accounts at Reliance Partners; and Tyler Damazo, manager of Midwest operations at PGT Trucking.

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