FV 115 INTRO: The 2CV, an iconic, beloved French car (Part 1)


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Fabien de Valroger is truly passionate about the most iconic, vintage French car that is the Deux Chevaux (2CV). Along with the Eiffel Tower and the French baguette, the 2CV is a symbol of France as virtually every French person has owned one at the time or had some memories attached to it. Why was it so popular?

In this episode, you’ll also find out about the historical context of its appearance on the market, some (pretty) dangerous features such as “les portes-suicide”, how easy it is to find spare parts to fix a car that’s no longer manufactured, whether the oldest 2CV are still allowed to be on the road, which will give you an interesting insight of the law in France. This episode includes a lot of useful vocabulary about car parts… That’s always handy if you break down while travelling!

2CV lovers also enjoy the state of mind and lifestyle which come with the car: taking your time, being slow, taking the scenic small roads.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

Vocab List

autoradio (nm) = car radio
cahier des charges (nm) = (bill of) specifications
capot (nm) = bonnet
carte grise (nf) = car registration document
ceinture de sécurité ( nf) = seat belt
chaussée (nf) = road
cheval,aux (nm) = horsepower
clignotant (nm) = indicator
ESP (contrôle électronique de la trajectoire) (nm) = Electronic Stability Program
essuie-glace (nm) = windscreen wiper
être mordu(e) (de qch) = to be a fan (of sth)
feu stop = break light, stop light
haut de gamme (adj) = premium, high standard
macaron (nm) = sticker
passer aux Mines = to get the roadworthy certificate
pièce (nf) = spare part
rétroviseur (Nm) = rear-view mirror, side mirror
siège (nm) = seat
volant (nm) = steering wheel

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