040 - Dr. Dawn Carpenter – Finance Expert, Investment Banker, Practitioner Fellow and Host of ‘What Does It Profit’ Podcast


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Dawn talks about tackling the big questions in life, embracing your unrepeatable spirit, staying relevant and reaching your goals.

Dr. Dawn Carpenter is an investment banker with the heart of a teacher and a scholar. She is a leading authority for financial management and the capitalization of social purpose corporations, having served for over 25 years as an investment and commercial banker and financial adviser to some of America’s most venerable nonprofit corporations. Dr. Carpenter’s work in business ethics also positions her as a leading authority in socially-responsible business and investment.

Dr. Dawn Carpenter is currently engaged as a Practitioner Fellow at Georgetown University’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor, where she serves on the advisory board as the co-developer of the Labor Capital Management Fellowship program. Dawn is also the host of ‘What Does It Profit’ Podcast.

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