043 - Teresa Abram - Handwriting Analyst, Owner of Handwriting P.I. and Podcast Host of 'A Most Unusual T Party'


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Teresa talks openly about having to find a new career in her 40’s, letting go of work that didn’t serve her in her 50’s and how she found her true calling and current fulfillment.

Teresa Abram is the owner of “handwriting p.i.” a full service handwriting analysis business and she is the creator and host of the podcast “A Most Unusual T Party” which uses the letter T to unlock pieces of a person’s story. As a graphologist, she decodes the graphic movement we create when we put pen to paper, and can delve deep into someone’s mind and personality. Consider her a personality investigator who can spot the red flags of a dangerous personality, see what is holding someone back and identify their strengths. Using the principles of biofeedback therapy, she can also provide people with easy, practical changes to their writing that can lead to positive changes in their lives.

Teresa is a member of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.

She finds fulfillment in raising awareness of the powerful tool of handwriting analysis both as aid for understanding and transformation as well as spotting someone’s red flags.

Connect with her at www.handwritingpi.ca, on Instagram @handwriting_pi, or via email at handwritingpi@gmail.com.

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