059 - Gina Wilkinson – Journalist, Documentarian and Novelist


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Gina talks about her experience in war zones, living in Baghdad under Sadam Hussein and what she’s learned from her travels around the world.

Gina Wilkinson is a former foreign correspondent radio journalist and documentary maker for the BBC NPR and the ABC, as well as other well-known public broadcasters. She is an award winning journalist and has spent two decades working in hotspots around the globe, including the world's most intriguing and dangerous places she has since decided to trade in her flak jacket for an author's pen.

And she now writes novels in her most recent release, when the Apricot's bloom, Gina draws on her own experiences, living in Baghdad, under Saddam Hussein, when she is not writing novels, she works in international development, helping to promote efforts to end poverty across the globe.


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