042 - Veronica Villanueva - Stage 4 Cancer Survivor, Canapreneur (Co-Founder of Alive-Well-Thrive), Health Coach, Author & Speaker


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Veronica talks about overcoming stage 4 ‘incurable’ cancer, the importance of your thoughts and beliefs and the huge impact our words have on our world.

Veronica Villanueva, discovered her "why" after being diagnosed with incurable stage IV lung cancer and given six months to live in 2016. Veronica rejected her diagnosis and dove into educating herself on traditional and alternative treatments. A certified health coach and Cordon Bleu-trained chef, Veronica cured her cancer by developing her own treatment plan and at the same time starting her own Cannabis/CBD product line, Alive-Well-Thrive. The line consists of CBD and Cannabis infused foods, balms, and oils to help others who want to lead happier and healthier lives.

Veronica is also an author, having written, The Grace of Cancer, in which she details her wellness journey, as well as what her entrepreneurial journey has been like as one of the only female CBD producers in the US.



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