Superbowl Commercials 2021and that time eBay tried to sell Shai racist propaganda


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This week on Friday Night Movie: It’s the Superbowl, and the sibs were READY for the commercials - and some football too, or whatever. Special guest, and advertising maestro, Bobby Buttons, returned to help the sibs process their reactions. Social justice themed ads fell flat - as Lily put it, “I couldn’t tell if they were altruistic or like, Kendall Jenner handing out Pepsi at a protest”. And they’re definitely not buying DoorDash or UberEats talking about eating local (Becky was greatly offended by them dragging Sesame Street into this mess). Lily is embarrassed for Cheetos, Becky’s reaction can be best described as “it was so bad it’s meh”, and Shai was excited for Will Ferrell’s GM ad. Later in the episode, the sibs unpacked what they’ve been streaming, from season 2 of The Code and the Price is Right to Greta Gerwig’s Little Women and Crazy-Ex Girlfriend (shoutout to Robin Coomer for the rec!), but let’s be real - it was Superbowl Sunday, and this one is all about the ads!

All that and the episode kicks off with Shai telling the story of how eBay’s algorithm kept trying to sell him racist literature.

The Friday Night Movie Family supports the following organizations: NAACP Legal Defense Fund | Equal Justice Initiative.

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