Stunning Results with Award Winning Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard of Beyond Beige Interior Design


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Listen in as Reisa pulls back the curtain on her road to massive success and recognition since establishing Beyond Beige in 2003, not just in the Vancouver market, but internationally as well.

She discusses why it’s vital to get clear on the attributes of your ideal client as early as possible, why smaller budget builds actually tend to be more challenging than bigger budget projects, the benefits of exposing oneself to a variety of cultures as an architect or designer, and how to stay timeless and cutting edge at the same time.

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of solidifying relationships
  • Considerations around hiring a designer
  • Knowing who to take on as a client
  • Working with ultra-wealthy clients
  • Doing business in a culturally diverse market
  • Design trends that emerged due to COVID
  • Why Reisa decided to become an interior designer
  • What to do when you feel you’ve gone off-track on a project
  • Keeping up with the latest technologies
  • Staying cutting edge while adhering to timeless style
  • Spain versus Italy versus Germany
  • [What Reisa is most excited about in business
  • Scaling the business and adding new team members
  • How to manage multiple ultra-high-net-worth clients
  • Where Reisa sees herself in five years and what she is most proud of

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Key Quotes by Reisa:

  • A lot of people can go to school for the rest of their life and never have that intuition as to how to create good design.
  • I want to have a touchpoint with each and every client and assure them that I don’t need to be on the frontlines for everything. My staff is more than capable of all the work that needs to be done.
  • I love this industry because you never stop learning.

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