Art, Spirituality and Parenting in the Modern Era with Niles Heckman


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Hey it’s James and welcome back to the Fringe Voices show. I wanted to give a shout out to 2 recent reviews on Apple Podcasts from chris3412 and gardener2591. Thanks! Again, if you’re enjoying the content of this show please subscribe, rate and review on wherever you listen to podcasts. I would definitely appreciate it!

Today I welcome a very special guest Niles Heckman. Niles is a documentary photographer & filmmaker, essayist, and speaker who's work focuses around themes of ageless wisdom for our modern times. Sharing insights in his films, spoken-word essays, podcast An Infinite Path also his productions with the films Transmutations and Shamans of the Global Village. He has also worked on multiple Academy Award-winning teams in Hollywood with New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Marvel Studios.

Some things we discuss:

  • What draws you to do the work you do? You have worked in Hollywood and sometimes Hollywood can be a bit generic but your work is very unique.
  • What was your life like growing up, what’s a bit of your background?
  • How did your early years influence your later life?
  • Take aways from his popular film Shamans of the Global Village
  • What’s your spiritual journey been like and what spiritualities are you drawn to and why?
  • How Niles approaches being a parent in this modern era
  • Niles recommends some great media:
  1. The Master Key System (book)
  2. As a Man Thinketh (book)
  3. The Kybalion (book)
  4. The Habit Poem (Anonymous poem)
  5. Ron Fricke Documentaries
  6. David Attenborough (documentarian)
  7. Finding Vivian Maier (documentary)
  8. Hearts of Darkness (documentary)
  9. Blood Road (documentary)
  10. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (documentary)
  11. Exit Through the Gift Shop (documentary)
  12. Living Myth podcast
  13. Psychedelic Salon podcast
  14. The Higherside Chats podcast

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