Democratic Socialism with Jacobin's Micah Uetricht


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Today, I welcome Micah Uetricht. Micah Uetricht is the deputy editor of Jacobin and host of Jacobin Radio's podcast The Vast Majority. He is the author of Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity and coauthor of Bigger than Bernie: How We Go from the Sanders Campaign to Democratic Socialism. Micah can also be found on Twitter.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is Democratic Socialism?
  • Isn't there socialism for big businesses and the rich in the USA?
  • Will Democratic Socialism ever dominate US politics?
  • A bit of Micah's personal history
  • The Bernie Sanders campaign
  • His newest book cowritten with Meagan Day
  • A strategy for progressives to transform current politics
  • The missing Joe Biden campaign
  • A bit about Jacobin and his podcast
  • A great historical book recommendation

Thanks Micah!

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