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Welcome back everyone, to the next episode.
We had such a fun time discussing the same thing last week that we did it again!
Justin gives us the lowdown on his beginnings of 'Empire' and what about it is exciting him. Hayden manages to convince Justin to give 'Call my Agent' a view as well (Two weeks on the same show for him), plus a few more varied shows for everyone.
TRADE TALK: What next for Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy, the HBOMAX blunder, Kim's Convenience coming to an early end, Raya and the last Dragon, and a few other fun things.
THIS WEEK WITH (some old fellas came up with this name): We watched the same film again during the week and discuss it once again. 'Close' was this weeks film of debate. In short, Vicky Jewson writing, producing and directing this impactful action film starring Noomi Rapace.
Rachael gives us a run down on what it's like to be the cause of a viral tweet, and what it's like gaining the attention of a lot of Hollywood A-listers who stopped by to have their say!
It's a great episode to get involved with, don't be shy, please reach out to us on all major social media or email us to join the conversation!
Keep an ear out for how you can enter our mini sweepstakes for you the listener! Details in the episode on how you can get involved, use the hashtags, and maybe take away some cool merch!

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