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Welcome to the latest episode everyone.
WHATCHA BEEN WATCHING: Hayden starts to talk about French tv comedy 'Family Business', but stories from a specific layover in Amsterdam interrupt it. What could happen in seven hours on little sleep, jet lag, beer and the red light district. Good wholesome fun...
'Empire', some sports episodes of docuseries 'Against the Odds' and a nice romance comedy 'Under the Eiffel Tower' round out Hayden's week.
He also slams down a Matcha Green Tea Latte and confuses Justin with the length of that specific drinks name.
'Drive to Survive' makes a fan of F1 racing out of Justin, 'Cosmos' with Neil deGrasse Tyson gets a repeat viewing, as does 'Origins'. Lastly he has a holy crap moment with how good 'Green Book' was and is!
FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLIDER: We get into the latest episode of the hit Disney show. Want to avoid spoilers, best to skip over this bit and pick it up with Rachael.
RACHAELS REVIEW: You're in for a treat this week. Rachael gives us her first time views of March. 20 films she's never seen and maybe you haven't either.
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