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Welcome back to the show everyone! This episode brings us to a big milestone, episode 25! Holy smokes, we've made it and it feels like we've only just begun.
Why not make it a thing, #Mad4March #MadForMarch, mini sweepstakes for you the listener! Details in the episode on how you can get involved and take away some cool merch!
What have we been watching? Nature and Science documentaries have Justin jumping with excitement while Hayden digs back in to some Shameless and French television. We have more, but you'll have to listen to hear about those.
TRADE TALK: has us going in to some of the exciting Paramount Plus casting and show news (coming along nicely Paramount, game on). Throw in a little bit of Spider-Man, Star Wars and DCEU pieces and you have a good little section.
SPEED QUOTES: It's back again after being sidelined for the previous few weeks. Can Justin tie scores with Hayden. How strong is your film knowledge audience? Play along and see if you can best us!
Rachael gives us a huge run down on her Films For February, she's watched 92 films this year already, so February is jammed with some doozies for everyone to hear about. Definitely stick around for this one if you're looking for something new to watch!
It's a great episode to get involved with, don't be shy, please reach out to us on all major social media or email us to join the conversation!

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