Redemption Time


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Welcome to this weeks episode everyone!
*Final week to get the info on #MadForMarch #Mad4March sweepstakes*

WHATCHA BEEN WATCHING: kicks us off in fine fashion and took us on a long discussion! A day where we got lost in conversation on film, tv, and story, and everything else, today was one of those.
FILM FRANCHISE REVIVALS: We get into major movie franchises that started with a bang, then wained, then came back with a vengeance.
Planet of the Apes, Fast and Furious and the marvel cinematic universe all get there moment to shine as we discuss the flailing and successes of these franchises.
RACHAELS REVIEW: every ones favourite is back again with another varied look at the world of cinema. Get those pens out and lists started.
Mini sweepstakes for you the listener! Details in the episode on how you can get involved, use the hashtags, and maybe take away some cool merch!

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