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Welcome back everyone, it's that time of the week again. New episode!
WHATCHA BEEN WATCHING: kicks off the show and has us going back and forth with this weeks viewing. It's quite the discussion as we got to watch our fair share of tv shows and movies.
Justin watched a lot, and feel asleep a lot. Hayden's powers of sleep must have caught on. Notorious B.I.G was one that made a big impact. Croods 2 was a huge success with the family. Moxie made the cut as well. WandaVision left him feeling on the fence.
Hayden worked his way through Leon the Professional. La Dream Team. Yes Day. Half of Lilo and Stich, why only half? Now that's a funny story, can you guess how it ends.
TOP FIVE ACTION FILMS: We get into 5 action films each, that place highly on our repeat viewing habits. Hayden goes a little different and choses 5 that made an impact for specific reasons.
It's a fun discussion to see what we like and whether it crosses over with each others.
Keep an ear out for how you can enter our mini sweepstakes for you the listener! Details in the episode on how you can get involved, use the hashtags, and maybe take away some cool merch!

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