Would You Take The Serum?


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Welcome to the latest episode everyone.
WHATCHA BEEN WATCHING: 'Boy Meets World' impresses Hayden with how good it's performances are. 'Empire' continues to entertain, 'Family Business' brings out all the 'what the!?' moments and 'Elona Holmes' (Yes that Holmes, Sherlock Holmes) proves itself to be a wonderful feature film starring Millie Bobbie Brown.
Justin didn't keep notes on his watching's, or maybe he didn't watch much this week. But what he did watch left him frustrated in the outcome. Said show being 'Last Chance University' a sport docuseries following college basketball.
FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLIDER: We go deep this week 'The Whole World is Watching' proves to be a doozy of an episode. Want to avoid spoilers, best to skip over this bit and pick it up with Rachael.
RACHAELS REVIEW: You're in for another treat this week. Rachael tries her best to get Justin's weekly trivia, and lets us know her take on Netflix's new release 'Nobody'.
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