144: 7 Ways an Unhealed Betrayal is Affecting your Business


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We know that unhealed betrayals adversely affect our relationships and, possibly, even our health. The pain of betrayal can affect every single aspect of your life, and that includes the professional side. Today, I want to talk about the seven ways unhealed betrayals can adversely affect your business. Some of these you may have already figured out, but a few may come as a surprise.

On This Episode

  • Identify seven ways your business can be affected by unhealed betrayals
  • See how you can take another step towards healing from betrayal
  • Discover the nature of your belief system and regain your confidence and self esteem


“If you’re not feeling worthy and deserving, how comfortable are you putting yourself out there, as far as, sharing the great work you do. You don’t feel great about you, so how can you represent the work in a way that it needs to be showcased? And here’s the thing, too. If you don’t believe in you, how can you possibly expect anybody else to?” [4:05]

“Your belief system is no more than the repetition of an idea from someone you trust. That’s it. The repetition of an idea from someone you trust, so what that means is someone said something enough times, doesn’t make it right or wrong, doesn’t make it true, doesn’t make it really much of anything except it makes it yours.” [6:09]

“So I want to go through the seven and what I invite you to do is choose even just one, even just one, so you can work on that one. Here’s the thing, you’re not going to heal from your whole betrayal just working on one of these areas, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.” [8:02]

“Remember that betrayals shattered your confidence. And if you don’t have the confidence, how are you putting yourself out there in a way that you need to, to get your message across?” [8:40]


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