Front End Chatter #144


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Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter Episode 144, Britain’s – nay, the world’s – most irreverent motorcycling podcast, with Martin Fitz-Gibbons and Simon Hargreaves. Thanks as ever to Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists, and, the world of motorcycling on the web, for their unwavering support (especially while the new wing of Chatter Manors is built).

And on this week’s episode we have:

  • what year would Kenny Roberts Snr have retired if he’d had Rossi’s career longevity?
  • excerpts from the Secret Diary Of Maverick Vinales, Age 14 and a half, and does he need sympathy or a stiff talking-to, or possibly both?
  • ...but if you think Vinales’ behaviour is odd, wait until you hear what Miguel Oliveira’s been up to
  • ...and we finally get an explanation as to why Rossi’s not come first for ages
  • plus, the will-they/won’t-they Isle Of Wight road race saga continues
  • ex-Norton boss Stuart Garner is in the dock
  • Triumph’s new half-faired sporty-ish Speed Triple 1200RR...
  • ...and Triumph’s also new Tiger 660, based on the Trident
  • speculation about Yamaha’s sporty MT-09, the R9
  • can we put E10 fuel in our tanks? Mufga has the answer (for SV650s)
  • plus your FEC sack queries and thoughts...

PLUS! A vague hint about a potentially forthcoming FECing tour of Scotland sometime next year – gauging interest, what do you think? Fancy going for a big ride with Simon and Martin, involving bikes, beer and banter? Let us know at Thanks super so much for ears and support, please keep the FEC mails with your thoughts, queries and mad ideas coming in to

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