Front End Chatter #131


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Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter E131, Britain’s favourite and longest serving motorcycling podcast, possibly either or, who’s counting? What’s for sure is we’re indebted and abetted by Bennetts, the bike insurance specialists, and, the marvellous motorcycling website.

And on FEC this week, Simon and Martin chatter about:

  • Triumph’s new Speed Triple 1200 RS – how big will it be really, is it bored and/or stroked, and will Triumph go after hyper-naked revs and power, or keep the Speed Trip a raunchy but slightly more useful super-naked?
  • when is a spy shot not a spy shot?
  • guesswork around Aprilia’s new RSV4 and Tuono, for whom the passenger has always been a "barely tolerated guest" according to Aprilia – and wouldn’t it be nice if they made a CapoNord V4?

We also dive in the FEC sack and ponder delights such as:

  • when is it too cold to get your pegs down and why motorcycling shouldn't be a faith-based activity
  • where should we put our feet when we're riding?
  • how racing isn't necessarily a mandatory next step on from track days
  • what's the adventure bike equivalent of a ZZR1400 for £6-£7k?
  • and much, much more! A bit.

Thank you very much for listening, thanks to Bennetts and for putting up with us, and please keep your thoughts, musings, queries and fact correcting coming to:

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