Frontiers #16 - January 2021


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I'm really happy with this first Frontiers mix of 2021. It has everything I love - smooth transitions, great music, and a wonderful journey that should keep you nice and satisfied for an hour or so. It's honestly some of my best work.

(00:00) Leaving Laurel - A Secret Place [Anjunadeep]
(05:31) Ben Böhmer & Tinlicker ft. Felix Raphael - Run Away [Anjunadeep]
(09:47) PRAANA - Sankalpa [Colorize]
(14:18) Monoverse - We Are [FSOE Parallels]
(18:03) ANUQRAM - Sirocco [Statement!]
(22:10) Spada - Part Of Me [Anjunadeep]
(27:20) Tinlicker & Robert Miles - Children [Armada]
(31:50) John Dopping - Vermillion (The Stupid Experts Remix) [JOOF]
(37:43) Matt Fax - Light On (Boxer Remix) [Colorize]
(42:35) Jody Wisternoff - Story Of Light [Anjunadeep]
(48:47) Leaving Laurel - Rosaro [Anjunadeep]

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