Frontiers #19 - July 2021


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Happy American Independence Day! With this new Frontiers mix, they're officially going on a regular upload schedule - I'll be releasing new ones the first Sunday of every month.
Following the same trend as last month's mix, this one builds to a huge crescendo before resolving into a calm, mellow conclusion. It's a very enjoyable ride to the end with a great mix of new and older tracks.

(00:00) Nox Vahn - Tribute [Anjunadeep]
(04:47) BetweenUs - Breaking Stones [Scorchin' Progressive]
(08:08) Marsh & Jesse Bullitt - Mantis [Colorize]
(14:19) David Broaders - Don't Let Me Go [Euphonic]
(18:43) Matt Fax - Fallen (PROFF Remix) [Colorize]
(23:25) Tommy Baynen - Four Rocks [Colorize]
(27:06) Revolution9 & Amara - Savitri (Sunrise Mix) [Pure Trance]
(31:02) Mind Of One - Sensus [FSOE Parallels]
(34:28) Dosem - Extraction [Anjunadeep]
(39:31) ilan Bluestone & Spencer Brown - Pooperling [Anjunadeep]
(44:33) Uppermost & OBu - Warm Winter [Uppwind]
(47:07) OCULA - Tephra [Anjunadeep]
(52:03) Fluida - Welcome Home [Anjunadeep]

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