Summit Sessions #77


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Do you like pretty music? Then the first half of this episode is for you.
The second half, not so much.
Anyone who knows me well knows that I like contrast when it comes to art. Whether it's a raw bassline underpinning something melodic, or something small next to something large, contrast - at the risk of becoming philosophical - is what allows us to know the true nature of something.
In this case, that's trance.
(00:00) Sam Davies - Northern Lights (Dezza Remix) [Silk]
(04:58) Forerunners - Watching The Lights Go Down [Touchstone]
(11:25) Art Of Trance - Ultrafoxx (Airwave Remix) [Platipus]
(16:55) Basil O'Glue - Dropout [Afterglow]
(22:25) Mike Sanders - Route 66 (Craft Integrated Remix) [Alter Ego]
(27:21) Orkidea & Lowland - Glowing Skies [Black Hole]
(32:27) Sean Tyas - Rollout [Black Hole]
(36:46) Stephen Kirkwood - Homeland [Lange]
(41:18) Aimoon & Vlad Varel ft. Eva Kade - One More Night (Matt Chowski Remix) [Digital Society]
(46:38) Stuart Ferguson - Voodoo [Create]
(51:21) RAM & James Dymond ft. Kim Kiona - End Of Times (Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two Remix) [Grotesque]

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