Summit Sessions #79


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We're back!
I managed to wrangle my equipment into working enough to record this episode. To make up for not having one the past couple weeks, this one is extra-good, featuring both old favorites and future classics alike.
(00:00) Max Graham - One Hundred (Estiva Remix) [Cycles]
(05:36) Danilo Ercole - Global [Create]
(11:03) Gordey Tsukanov & Marcus White - Invisible Bridge [JOOF]
(15:59) Phase Difference - Black Rose (Alter Future Remix) [Saturate]
(20:25) Vicky Devine - What To Do [In Trance We Trust]
(25:48) Tempo Giusto - Benzin [Lange]
(29:15) Soliquid - Music Is For Rich People (Mat Zo Remix) [Captured]
(35:04) Denzo - Crash Override [Aria Digital]
(41:22) 2nd Phase - The Capital [Create]
(46:14) Simon Patterson ft. Lucy Pullin - Now I Can Breathe Again [Armind]
(51:04) Killick - Jeto [Create]
(55:36) Purelight - Uncharted [Beat Service]

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