Bisa Butler: Portraits & The Obama Portraits, FREE Admission...


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I recently viewed the "Bisa Butler: Portraits" exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago. Butler's use of vibrant colors, patterns, textiles, stitches, and stitching techniques take quilting to another dimension. This beautifully powerful exhibit continues until September 6, 2021. Butler’s work illuminates U.S. history through the lens of the African American diaspora. Her portrait work is personal, communal, global, and is accompanied by works from fellow genius artists: Romare Bearden, Charles Harris, Gordon Parks, Barbara Jones-Hogu, and Prof. Nelson Stevens. Both Hogu and Stevens are founding members of Africobra (The African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists). Their work, along with photos documenting Black life, the work of other artists, and Bisa Butler’s family photo albums, serve as reference for her magnificent portraiture work. The exhibition’s accompanying playlist has been curated by her husband, John, a long-time DJ. This playlist can be found on Spotify (see link below.) ​ FREE ADMISSION to The Art Institute of Chicago: Just a quick heads up, if you are an Illinois resident, the Art Institute of Chicago’s general admission tickets are FREE, June 18-25, 2021, which means that you can view “Bisa Butler: Portraits” AND “The Obama Portraits” for free. These are the same Obama Portraits that reside in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, but are on a national tour (see link below.) If you’re in Chicago, this is one of many ways to celebrate Juneteenth. ​ And, while you’re here, don’t forget to like and subscribe, then share Full Body Frequency with others. #BisaButler #TheObamaPortraits #FullBodyFrequency ​ VIDEO LINK: "Bisa Butler: Portraits" & "The Obama Portraits," FREE Admission...: LINKS TO EXHIBITS and PLAYLIST: Bisa Butler: In the Studio (Quilting for the Culture): Bisa ButIer: Portraits: Bisa Butler: The Playlist: The Obama Portraits (The Art Institute of Chicago): FULL BODY FREQUENCY: watch via: YouTube: listen via: iTunes: SoundCloud: Spotify: Stitcher: connect via: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

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