92. An Aesthetic Life with Flora Sparks


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Welcome to the Full Service Podcast!

This week I sit down with Bay Area based companion Flora Sparks. Aside from being a companion, she also works as a photographer, is a teapot enthusiast, and a master gardener. We look at her work in companionship, talk misconceptions within sex work, and discuss what her last year has looked like. She gives advice, we have an in-depth discussion on butterfly gardens, and talk Hey Babe Studios, her collaboration providing photography services for other sex workers. This interview with Flora was a lot of fun and I know you'll enjoy it! You can follow her on Twitter at @FloraSparksXO and Hey Babe Studios at @HeyBabeStudio. You can follow Full Service on IG & Twitter at @fullservicepod. You can follow me on Twitter at @tankfunkadelic. If you would like to be on the podcast or would like to share your story, email us at fullservicepod@gmail.com.

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