How To Efficiently Run Your Own Practice


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“You can give someone all the tactics, all the strategies. You can even give them the processes, the training material, get team buy in. But if you can’t execute, and you can’t deliver, then you’ve dropped the ball. So what I’ve learned is execution is everything.”

We speak with Sanjeev Bhatia (CEO and Co-founder of Clinic Space) about how to efficiently run and automate your practice and how the patient experience is the common thread that ties it all together.

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00:42 Can you introduce yourself?

03:25 How do you define clinic operations?

04:41 Why is it important to have your operations in place?

05:51 How do you systematize different parts of the clinic? Can all parts of a clinic work in this way?

12:05 Employee training would be important to make sure things run smoothly and to get a great patient experience. How do you make sure that is executed from an organizational level?

16:54 Part of patient experience is the treatment they receive. With big clinics, how do you reduce inconsistency between providers?

20:23 In your opinion, what separates a bad clinic from a good clinic, or a good clinic from a great clinic?

22:13 What are some top mistakes you see business owners make?

23:22 Why is it important for the clinic owner to understand about all of the clinic operations?

25:11 How does a therapist wanting to branch out into owning a business transition to that business owner role?

26:25 What are the most important things that you believe you need to have in place when starting a clinic?

28:12 Do you think smaller companies will have a harder time attracting new business with all of the larger companies that are expanding?

30:05 What role do you think technology will play in the future?

31:58 From a business perspective, where do you see the future of the therapy professions going?

33:43 With all of the advances in technology, how can current clinic owners keep up with all of these changes?

35:06 Many business rely on patients having benefits and insurance coverage for treatment. Do you see any trends towards declining insurance coverage?

37:18 What challenges do you see for the rehab profession as a whole?

38:46 Where can people find out more about you?

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