152: Make Space to Follow the Signs | Music as a Spiritual Force with Ceremonial Singer-Songwriter AYLA SCHAFER


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Singer-songwriter Ayla Schafer is my cacao ceremony playslist go-to. Her voice and the frequencies she shares takes me on a deep healing journey every time, and I’m honored to share her story and voice with you.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Ayla’s story of discovering and sharing her voice
  • Music as a safe space and as a spiritual force
  • Song as an ancient way of communicating with nature
  • The role that plant medicine has played on Ayla’s path
  • How she ended up traveling across South America with wild horses
  • Integrating indigenous wisdom and modern living
  • Tending to the external fire that feeds your internal fire
  • Being a vessel for medicine
  • Some of the teachers and lineages that Ayla learns from
  • The power of a prayer and what a prayer really means in a non-dogmatic way
  • How inner work led to her music receiving millions of views on YouTube and streams on Spotify
  • Ayla’s experience with vision quests
  • Womb healing and what it has to do with healing your voice and self-expression
  • The story of Vuela Con El Viento
  • The story of the Grandmother (I Am The Earth) song
  • Balancing the medicine world with the digital world and social media
  • Making the space to follow the signs
  • Listening to Spirit

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