The Year of Experiential Gifting (It’s All About Experiences )


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Becoming a Gift Influencer

  • Drips vs. Drops? Drips all the way. Businesses should be providing drips to their customers, constant communication. Whereas drops are the seasonality of pushing your customer.
  • “I love the always-on drip culture. I do still think there's excitement and like sexiness to a big drop. But you have to make sure that those drops are super, super necessary in the moment, like hitting exactly where they need to hit and then using the drips throughout the year to prepare for the big drops, but then also make sure that you're staying relevant and on top of mind.” -Ingrid
  • The best part of the holiday season is giving! But there’s different kinds of gifters. According to Brian and Ingrid, they’re both gift influencers.
  • We’re going to see more of an experiential gift this season than an actual material gift.
  • “This is a year where people are going to be giving things that get people out and moving and doing things.” -Brian

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